The objective of the short course is to capacitate the wide spectrum of risk assessors and researchers that play a role in national biosafety regulatory systems with the necessary knowledge and skills that will allow them to contribute pertinent information relevant to risk analysis and effectively assess the potential risks of GMOs and make accurate and confident regulatory decisions. This course has been presented at a number of Universities in South Africa. An overview of the course can be found here. Below are presentations from the short course presented at the University of Pretoria during September 2019.


Module I:   Introduction & context

Module II:  Environmental risk assessment (consisting of two talks listed below)

                          Introduction to Environmental Risk Analysis of GMOs

                          Important Risk Analysis Concepts

Module III: Food & feed safety assessment

Module IV:  Socio-economic impact assessment

Module V:   Engagement & communication

Module VI: Practical integration, contextualisation, conclusion & discussion




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