Sustainable Bio-Innovation Symposium 2023


Biosafety South Africa held it's 4th Sustainable Bio-Innovation Symposium at the Diep in die Berg conference venue in Pretoria. The symposium  as conducted under the theme “Enabling Genome Editing Based Innovation in SA”. The event provided a platform for all stakeholders to discuss the prerequisites for a sustainable genome editing (GEd) innovation system in South Africa.


Click here for the programme: Download PDF

Click here for the meeting report: Download PDF


Watch the full symposium below, split into three sessions. 

Session 1 

Session 2 

Session 3 


Speaker presentations 

1- Kenyan GEd regulatory framework & activities - Roy Mugiira Download PDF

2- SA regulatory framework for GEd - Hennie Groenewald Download PDF

3- A risk-based argument for distinguishing between SDN1&2 and GMOs - Hennie Groenewald Download PDF

4- CRISPR for dummies - Manuela Campa Download PDF

5a- CRISPR-based GEd in microorganisms - Tiffany Smith Download PDF

5b- CRISPR-based GEd in microorganisms - Deanne du Plessis Download PDF

6a- CRISPR-based GEd in plants - Luke Kim Download PDF

6b- CRISPR-based GEd in plants - Lorcan Carlsen Download PDF

7- Concept to market for a GEd product - Dan Jenkins Download PDF

8- SA academic perspective - Dave Berger Download PDF

9- SA seed industry perspective - Magdeleen Cilliers Download PDF

10- SA bio-entrepreneur perspective - Mauritz Venter Download PDF

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