Biosafety Symposium 2020


Biosafety South Africa held it's 3rd national Biosafety Symposium on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2020 at the Lord Charles in Cape Town. The Symposium, which was conducted under the theme - "Towards a sustainable South African bioeconomy" gave role players an opportunity to share and engage on the spectrum as a whole.

Click here for the programme: Download PDF

Day 1

1. Get up and try something new - Elana van Brakel Download PDF

2. Perspective on the SA health-based bioeconomy - Zoleka Ngcete Download PDF

3. Perspective on the SA indigenous knowledge-based bioeconomy - Motlapelula Matsabisa Download PDF

4. Challenges and opportunities for biological medicines RD&I - Henry Leng Download PDF

5. Perspective on the SA agriculture-based bioeconomy - Ilse Trautmann Download PDF

6. Climate chnage and the bioeconomy - Stephanie Midgley Download PDF

7. Perspective on the SA industrial & environmental-based bioeconomy - Anita Burger Download PDF

8. The role of technology platforms in developing the SA bioeconomy - Bongani Ndimba Download PDF

9. Fast science and sluggish policy - Rachel Wynberg Download PDF

10. An ICGEB perspective on responsible research & innovation (RRI) - Luiz Zerbini Download PDF

11. The role of mass communication in establishing a sustainable bioeconomy - George Classen Download PDF

12. The science of why people do (or don't!) care about your science message - Marina Joubert Download PDF

Day 2

13. What does it take to be a successful bio-innovator in South Africa? - Ed Rybicki Download PDF

14. Model for effective entrepreneur support and start-up formation - Reinard Hiller Download PDF

15. Building biobusinesses in SA - Michael Fichardt Download PDF

16. TIA - in support of the SA bioeconomy - Brigitte Binneman Download PDF

17. The bieoconomy & bioentrepreneurship in context - David Murray Download PDF

18. Challenges and successes in developing local vaccines - Anna-Lise Williamson Download PDF

19. Confectionery waste as a substrate for renewable energy production - Carol Z. Ngwenya Download PDF

21. Bioremediation of South African molasses vinasse with associated value recovery through anaerobic digestion - Edith Mshoperi Download PDF

22. Keeping tavs on the bioeconomy - Maneshree Jugmohan-Naidu Download PDF

23. Getting the hamster wheel tunring on national regulation - Valentina Matthews Download PDF

24. Learnings for institutional biosafety committees (IBCs) - Winston Beukes Download PDF



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