Biosafety Symposium 2019

Biosafety South Africa organised the second national Biosafety Symposium which was held on the 14th March 2019 in Pretoria. The Symposium offers a unique opportunity for the whole spectrum of role players, required for sustainable biotech innovation, to engage. Sustainability in the biotech context refers to products that adhere to the minimum prescribed standards for food and environmental safety, as well as those for socio-economic viability. Biotech innovators, regulators, sustainability researchers and science communicators therefore have to collaborate closely to ensure the sustainability of biotech products. Below are the presentations from the symposium.

Human genetics and genomics in SA: ethical, legal and social implications - Michael Pepper

Genome editing: tech status and applications in SA - Victoria Maloney

Intellectual property rights and genome editing: navigating the patent thicket - Joanne van Harmelen

Status of genome editing regulation and the way forward for South Africa - Johan Burger

Public engagement with biotech: context, experiences and programmes - Michael Ellis

Thrown into the deep end: A scientist's first experience in GMO C&E - Manuela Campa

What if ? - Jasper Rees

Current and future developments in the agri-industry - Kulani Machaba, Filip Cnudde and Jim Gaffney

The Biopharming Research Unit's biotech innovation program and approach - Ann Meyers and Ed Rybicki

CSIR's role and programs in catalysing the bioeconomy - Boitumelo Semete-Makokotlela

Endophytic bacteria of Bt Maize: community composition and functions? - Carlos Bezuidenhout

Predicting the invasion potential and damage risk of Fall armyworm in South Africa - Hannalene du Plessis

 Using an ecological model to identify Arthropod species for risk assessment of GM Bt soybean in South Africa - Nadine Schutte

Update on the outcomes of modern biotechnology discussions under the Convention on Biological Diversity and its Protocol - Ntakadzeni Tshidada

Report on a sampling run- Glyphosate and 2,4D in selected staple foods - Maryke Herbst

Compliance and acceptance challenges for a biotech start up - Leah Bessa

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