Direct links to the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD’s) biosafety resources including a link to their webpage, guideline documents and relevant application forms can be found below.

DALRRD’s GMO Act resources and guidelines

Genetic Resources: Biosafety webpage

The website of the Biosafety division of the Directorate: Genetic resources that regulate GMO activities in South Africa.

Guideline document for working with GMOs

A guideline document providing guidance on various aspects of GMO regulation including risk assessment and risk management for different activities such as contained use, field trials or environmental release; food safety assessments; containment requirements for different activities with GMOs in facilities such as laboratories or greenhouses.

Permit application forms in PDF or Word format for activities with GMOs in South Africa

This includes the application forms for the registration of a facility; trial release; commodity clearance; contained use; general release; import for contained use; import for general release or commodity clearance; import for trial release into the environment; export for contained use or use as food, feed or processing; export for intentional release into the environment; commodity use for food, feed or processing; export time extension; GMO status certification for export and an affidavit.

Standard operating procedures with regard to regulation 4 and regulation 2(2) of the GMO Act

These SOPs outline the conditions for the registration of a facility and the conditions for exemption from the requirements for a permit for academic and research institutions respectively.

Guidelines for public notifications

Outlines the public notification requirements for activities involving field trials, commodity clearance and general release.

Fees and banking details

Specifies the fees for permits for different activities with GMOs including the registration of a facility, permits for contained use, field trial applications, commodity clearance applications and general release applications.

Contact details of the Registrar: GMO Act

Other resources and guidelines




This strategy builds on past achievements and moves forward with initiatives that can address the challenges of the future by creating an enabling environment for stakeholders in order to encourage innovation to drive growth and socio-economic development in South Africa.


The Academy of Science of South Africa was formed in response to the need of using science for the benefit of South African society, with a mandate encompassing all fields of scientific enquiry, ASSAf aims to generate evidence-based solutions to national problems. ASSAf is the official Academy of Science of South Africa, recognised by the government and representing South Africa in the international community of science academies.


A brief outline of the process to be followed when registering a facility for GM use.

A guide when applying for the import and trial release of GMOs.

An investigation of the conditions under which particular RMS may be beneficial to mitigating identified risks or decreasing regulatory requirements so that sound regulatory decisions can be made while harnessing the benefits of biotechnology.

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