Impact of GM crops on biodiversity in South Africa


Science journalist Realeboga Mokganya interviews James Rhodes for Moutse Community Radio Station on the use and impacts of GM crops in SA.  Questions are in Sepedi and replies are in English.

Listen to the interview by clicking on the following link


What are GMOs, how are they made, why are GM foods produced and how is the production of GMOs regulated in South Africa?


At Biosafety SA we are passionate about investing and encouraging the next generation of young scientists. One of these scientist is Miss Gift Hlatshwayo, currently studing towards the completion of her Masters Degree at the Universtiy of the Western Cape (UWC). Her current project involves investigating the effects of a plant hormone in maize and how that can contribute towards drought tolerance.

We asked her to talk to Prof. Ndiko Ludidi and ask him a few questions about GMOs. He is the head of the Department of Biotechnology at UWC and group leader of the Plant Biotechnology Research Group. Listen to the podcast by clicking on the following link: 

For a written translation of the podcast in English, please Download PDF

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