Biotechnology research, development and application are varied and any particular biotech activity or product may be regulated under any number of widely different pieces of South African legislation. GMOs in particular are governed principally by the GMO Act, but specific, relevant aspects of GM technology are, in addition, also regulated under other Acts.

Download above table here. 

Please refer to the more detailed “Overview of the South African Regulatory Framework for GMOs” for additional information if required.

The GMO Act regulates all activities with GMOs, including research and development, import, export, transport, production and use of GMOs and their products. The Act considers the food and feed safety, environmental safety and the possible socio-economic impacts of GMOs.

View a list of activities involving GMOs for which the GMO Act requires a permit application here. 

Please refer to the Biosafety website of the Department of Agriculture, Land reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) for more details and the application forms.

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